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Sedgeford Chicken Farm

A Modern Poultry Farm in West Norfolk




We are pleased to announce that the first 4 poultry barns became operational in 2017. Any potential disruption during construction works was successfully kept to a minimum resulting in no reported issues within the locality.
The woodland planting schedule to screen the barns has also been completed in autumn 2017. We have already been encouraged by comments from local residents about our efforts to blend the buildings sympathetically to the landscape.
Initially the company applied for permission for eight barns but this was scaled back in the 2016 application showing two phases of works of four barns. Indeed a large number of comments on the past application refered to this two phase approach. However we felt it reasonable to practically demonstrate that causes of concern and speculation such as landscape impact, traffic increases and pollution impact were unfounded. Indeed many are still unaware that the barns have been operating these past 6 months.
Over 2018  we will be preparing our application for the four barns in phase 2 of the site. Details of the original proposal are still available on the local planning portal. Subject to planning works will commence in late 2019.   
Newcome-Baker Farms who own and operate the poultry barns is a local family business that has produced food and managed livestock in the fields around Sedgeford for almost a hundred years. 



Sedgeford Poultry Manure
BBC One Show
BBC One Show Sedgeford Chicken Farm

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The BBC sent an independent expert to undertake a thorough investigation of how 'smelly' a modern poultry unit was and you may be surprised at what they discovered....

Sedgeford Poultry Farm
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The total chicken manure cleared from all four barns waiting to be spread on a field at Sedgeford in early January 2018.