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Sedgeford Chicken Farm

A Modern Poultry Farm in West Norfolk




Newcome-Baker Farms  own and operate the poultry barns at Whin Close and is a local family business that has produced food and managed livestock in the fields around Sedgeford for almost a hundred years. 



Sedgeford Poultry Manure
BBC One Show
BBC One Show Sedgeford Chicken Farm

In June 2015 the BBC One Show investigated modern poultry farms


The BBC sent an independent expert to undertake a thorough investigation of how 'smelly' a modern poultry unit was and you may be surprised at what they discovered....

Sedgeford Poultry Farm
Why are all chickens not reared as free range and organic?


Find out more about how consumer choice effects production at over 2,500 poultry farms in the UK from Angela Rippon

The total chicken manure cleared from all four barns waiting to be spread on a field at Sedgeford in early January 2018.