Bill Newcome-Baker established the business in 1933 and was considered in his time a pioneer after introducing the first grain dryer and the second combine harvester to the region. He was a driving force in modernising farming to feed a hungry nation suffering from the ravages of war. Bill was made a Freeman of the City of London in recognition of his services to food production.

The company that bears his name still strives to this day to produce the highest quality food around his simple ethos-  "Farm as if you will live forever but live as if you will die tomorrow".  

Newcome-Baker Farms has changed a lot over the last century. East Hall farm is now home to our tractor sheds and grain drying complex. Originally this was the stabling centre for the shire horses who tirelesly worked the fields around. Whilst times have changed we still pride ourselves on producing year-in and year-out the highest quality food, come rain or shine, for both local and national markets. 
Farming Tomorrow
Our Farm

We are proudly a family business that have been 'care-taking' this farm for over three generations. Indeed young lads who started working the land with us in their teens are still part of the local community having retired decades ago.


The farm borders Sedgeford and Docking and the main crops are barley, wheat, sugar beat, potatoes and oil seed rape. The company has always maintained  strong links with livestock and still runs sheep flocks on less fertile land closer to Summerfield.


We are passionate about investing for the future. We believe that our children should continue to enjoy a vibrant rural economy with a strong farming heartbeat.


This is what we believe makes this small quarter of England so special and would never knowingly do anything to undermine that.

The business has a strong history of diversifying and excelling in opportunities away from general arable farming. In the 1960's and 70's the firm built a strong repuation in lucerne and pig production. In the last decade it has developed a closer reliance on renewable energy. In 2011 it was one of the first farms to joint-venture into luxury camping on land adjacent to Whin Close. 

Our Heritage

Our Farm