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Friday October 30 2015

Newcome Baker Farms announce consultation about the proposed new poultry farm.


Saturday 7th November 2015

Public consultation attended by more than 150 people from Sedgeford and the surrounding villages at the village hall on Saturday 7th November. The meeting unveiled a revised proposal for the original application to be scaled back by 50% to  four poultry barns to be sited at Whin Close on the Docking road.


Representatives from Newcome-Baker Farms as well as the farming industry were available to answer specific questions from residents who wanted to learn more about the proposals and how the poultry farm would operate.  There was also support at the meeting from Sedgeford tourism businesses who wanted to show solidarity with the farming industry. You can watch the video presentation here


Wednesday 9th December

Mr E.C Martin released an independent report for the no poultry farming group which concluded that traffic movements would be 12 per week or 634 per annum. Averaging 1.7 traffic movements per day, this is less than the 2.8 average daily traffic movements or 19.8 per week that were detailed in the recent environmental assessment submitted for planning purposes.


Friday 11th December

Following the consultation an application for four poultry barns was submiited on the 11th December. A statement was circulated to those who had registered their interest at the public consultation. You can download a copy here.


Tuesday 15th December

The Eastern Daily Press and Lynn News release details of the new proposal for four poultry barns at Whin close near Sedgeford. More information here.


Wednesday 15 December

The applicant William Barber met with Sedgeford Parish Council to answer questions about the proposal. The meeting which was publicised in the Lynn News was also attended by local residents. A briefing document was provided prior to the meeting. A copy can be downloaded here.

















Sedgeford Poultry Farm Consultation November 2015