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Sedgeford Chicken Farm
BBC One Show
BBC One Show Sedgeford Chicken Farm

In June 2015 the BBC One Show investigated modern poultry farms


The BBC sent an independent expert to undertake a thorough investigation of how 'smelly' a modern poultry unit was and you may be surprised at what they discovered....

Map of UK Poultry Farms Sedgeford
Why are all chickens not reared as free range and organic?


Find out more about how consumer choice effects production at over 2,500 poultry farms in the UK from Angela Rippon


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Support Farming in Norfolk


In 2015 an action group was set up by the local pub landlord to stop our farm in Sedgeford diversifying into rearing chickens locally for food. Claims were made that 10,000 local jobs would be put at risk, a stench would be generated the size of Birmingham, local roads would become dangerous and their would be life-threatening health consequences for many in the local community. 
Despite the action group being supported by local tourist interests and an international vegan animal welfare lobby they failed to persuade local councillors.
This planning archive looks back at how we explained our case and why we believe that local residents were misled during this campaign which was based on creating fear rather than an understanding of modern agriculture in Norfolk.
September 19 2016
IPPC Consultation

If you would like to take part in the consultation by the Environment Agency in regard to our  IPPC license  then  the consultation closes on the 23rd of this month.  A useful guide is available here.

August 26 2016
Lynn News
The Lynn News reported that a meeting of the No Poultry Group had been held at Sedgeford. About 30 people attended although many were not from the village. Nick Skerritt, current owner of the the King William Hotel who founded and led the unsuccessful NO campaign urged the last remaining objectors to canvas the Environment Agency to add special conditions to the IPPC permit to make the local farm 'uneconomic'. The group also called upon the neighbouring wards not to re-elect their local councillors who had eiither failed to object or voted in favour of the farmers application. 
August 19 2016
Environment Agency
Newcome-Baker Farms has applied for an IPPC licence. The new poultry barns at Sedgeford will utilise the most advanced designs and latest technology available within the UK poultry industry.

The barns exceed the criteria required for an operating  permit and our proposed activities meets all the legal requirements, including environmental, technological and health standards. We are confident the Environment Agency will grant a suitable permit in due course.

​August 18th 2016
Corrections to the local No Poultry Campaign press statement about their opposition to more farmers diversifying into poultry in Norfolk.
  • The local No Group has claimed that 1000 people have  'registerd their disapproval' online against this local farm. The truth is that the No Group has circulated a post to around 900 peple who use Facebook asking them to come to a meeting.

  • A PETA petition of 5,500 people was not a local initiative but organised nationally for the local No Group by PETA's worldwide members in March 2016. PETA are animal rights actvists who campaign against eating animals and have raised similar petitions asking for the ban of wool production and horse racing in the UK. We actually agree with their views about appropriate animal welfare standards in farming. However we think that the NO Poultry Group presenting this as 'local opinion' about our farm is very misleading and totally unfair to us and other Norfolk farmers.

  • The site is not located within any 'protected' area

  • Many people who have grown up in Norfolk do believe that farming in Norfolk is still as important as tourism. There is no evidence that the majority of people in Sedgeford and the surrounding villages support anti-farming lobby groups or campaigns.

Newcome-Baker farms issued the following statement.

"The problem for the local No campaign is that despite their fearful predictions all the evidence points in the opposite direction. 67 Norfolk towns and villages and some of our largest tourist attractions have lived for many years with poultry barns on their doorstep and there are no significant problems. This was recognised by some members of the planning committee who thought objectors had been ‘wrongly informed’.



​August 4th 2016
Local borough council supports the Whin Close application after careful consideration by the planning commitee


We would like to thank the committee for granting permission for this development. We believe this is a fair decision that recognises that Norfolk is a mixed economy and that farming and tourism can both co-exist and make a positive economic contribution within the region.


We feel the process has also brought better understanding with a senior councillor acknowledging that many people have been seriously misled by the local NO campaign. We have also seen local media raise serious questions about the validity of the campaign’s ‘medical research’ that caused such concern within local communities.  It has also been acknowledged that local farms will need to diversify in order to be sustainable in the future.


We are mindful that many people are concerned about this proposal. However we would like to reassure them that the poultry farm will not cause any problems within the area. We will operate strictly within the IPCC license and be a ‘good neighbour’ within the local community.  We would urge people who are concerned about this proposal to visit the major tourist attractions, towns and villages in Norfolk who have poultry barns right on their doorstep and see for themselves that there is little cause for concern.



Newcome-Baker Farms

August 2016


The links below lead to more information about poultry farming in areas such as the local environment, traffic and animal welfare.


No Poultry Factory Sedgeford Interviews
No Poultry Factory objections Sedgeford

Local farmer and a leading No Group objector talk about the Sedgeford poultry farm.

Radio Norfolk's Nick Cotter questions Dr Mark Blunt and Bernard Clarke about their objections to Norfolk poultry farmers operating in this part of the county.

   The  discredited 'fear over facts' campaign by the local NO poultry group.
notopoultryfactory sedgeford

Thousands of leaflets distributed to local villages included:

  • Showing a 'picture' of what the Sedgeford poultry farm would look like but was really an unscreened poultry farm twice the size in the plains of Australia.

  • Claiming that there would be 500 more HGV's carrying live chickens than was true.


The local NO campaign also suggested that:

  • Everyone in the borough employed in tourism (10,000 people) would potentially lose their job.

  • A consultant employed at the QE2 hospital in Kings Lynn who lives in Sedgeford had discovered previously unconsidered medical evidence that existing Norfolk poultry farms were placing large numbers of communities in their health trust area at very serious risk.

  • A single poultry farm causes a local stench the  size of Birmigham. The local No Poulry group claim this effects all the communities around the  2,500 poultry farms in the UK around 1 million people.

  • This fully screened site woulld be visible from miles around.

  • Up to 7 million people would be put off visiting Norfolk if the site in Sedgeford got the go ahead.                                                                                                                                                    

  • Go here to see aerial views of large numbers of Norfolk poultry barns causing no issues for villages and major tourist attractions within a 30 mile radius of Sedgeford.

 Learn about modern poultry welfare

Short Video explaining modern 'Red Tractor' welfare standards for barn reared chickens.