Whin Close Poultry Farm
The first four barns became operational in 2017.  Applications are being prepared for the final four barns to be submitted by the end of 2018.
Whin Close poultry farm is at a remote site between Sedgeford and Fring. The poultry barns have been designed to blend into the surrounding and not be visible from any residential properties being screened from the north and west by mature woodlands. The existing barns lie well below the  treeline, additional tree belts were planted at the end of 2017 ensuring over time that they will not form part of the visible landscape from any viewpoint.
This contrasts with existing large farm complexes that are already highly visible around Sedgeford and Fring.

The Site

Sedgeford Poultry Chicken Farm Whin Close Map
History of the Site

'Camp Wood' draws its name from the former site of RAF Sedgeford which in times past was home to up 1500 airmen. These men paid a heavy price in defending the nation losing over 700 planes in the year prior to the end of WW1. Today only token reminders remain of the camp in the surrounding fields.

The poultry barns occupy part of the old grass runway which was ploughed up after WW1 and has been under full-time cultivation ever  since. 

Looking across to the Whin Close Barns from Fring Church. Screening belts have been planted which will enclose the site in time.